Southern Africans favor Dar Es Salaam port

Importers of vehicles from Southern and Eastern Africa, from Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe or Botswana are increasingly using Dar Es Salaam port instead of Durban. Dar Es Salaam is reputed to be more secure and cheaper when the whole cost of import is considered.
While shipping cost to Durban is low, there are many charges that the importers must support to clear their vehicles. Moreover, the importers are obliged to have their vehicle carried on trailers up to the border of their country, for instance to Zimbabwe or to Botswana. Charges in Durban port can amount to more than 1000$ and the transportation of a vehicle on a trailer would cost on average 500$. On the other hand, charges in Dar Es Salaam amount only to a few hundred dollars for a sedan car and the vehicle can be driven freely inside the country. The customer must just accept to drive his vehicle all the way to the border of his country, which may be quite a long trip as there are 2000km between Tanzania and Zimbabwe.
Security is also a concern of importers. People fear to get robbed in South Africa in the vicinity of Durban where gangs are a targeting foreigners who are supposed to carry some cash. Mozambique ports are not considered a good alternative either, due to the poor shape of infrastructures and also to a lack of security.
The minister of transportation of Tanzania, Mr Omary Nundu, has declared last December that the current infrasctructures of the Tanzanian ports would be upgraded to receive more cargo in the next few years. The project of a new Bagamoyo Port is also under consideration.
RamaDBK is shipping vehicles to all major ports in East Africa and sales representatives are committed to help customers to get their vehicles in the port that is the most suitable to their needs.

Public date: May 11th, 2012

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