Toyota to increase its efforts toward emerging markets

Since year 2004, Toyota has been developing a special range of vehicles, named IMV (International Multi-Purpose Vehicles), targeting specifically the markets of emerging countries. Those cars are manufactured in 11 countries, including Argentina, Indonesia and Thailand, and aresold in 140 markets under several different names. The most famous IMVs are the Toyota Hilux pickup and the Toyota Fortuner SUV, but there are also a few other models, as the Innova van for instance.
Those vehicles have been designed to meet the requirements of the markets of developing countries, offering large payloads and ease of driving on rough roads. Technical components as engines, transmissions and vehicle frames are designed in Japan but more and more other equipments or the shape will be increasingly designed locally in the target country market.
In just 8 years, Toyota has managed to sell more than 5 millions of its IMVs.

Nissan has decided to follow the example of Toyota and to produce vehicles specially for emerging markets under the revived Datsun brand.

RamaDBK can offer some Toyota IMV vehicles, as the Toyota Hilux or the Fortuner, from Thailand. The President of RamaDBK has gone to Thailand in March 2012 in order to find some new partners that can provide good condition Toyota Hilux pick ups.

Public date: May 9th, 2012
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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