Jamaican customers visit RamaDBK

Mr. Ricardo is a prominent vehicle dealer in Jamaica. This spring, he is doing a tour around Asia with his Jamaican customers in order to purchase and bring back some vehicles and some technological products to his country.

As he has come in Japan, he has decided to bring his customers to RamaDBK in order to choose some vehicles to import. He is used to purchasing vehicles in Japan and he has impressed the staff of RamaDBK with his abilities in Japanese language. Our Sales Coordinator, Mr. Jon, has made offers to Mr. Ricardo and to his customers. After harsh negotiations on prices of vehicles from the stock and from the Japanese vehicle auctions, Mr. Ricardo is leaving Japan with 2 high quality Toyota cars he is importing in Jamaica.

RamaDBK is always happy to welcome customers coming from abroad and our staff is dedicated to offer the best services to people who are coming from far away to get vehicles from Japan.

Public date: April 16th, 2012
Categories: RAMADBK NEWS

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