Customers from Philippines and Korea visit RamaDBK

Mr Kim and Mr Raymond are from different countries in East Asia, Korea and Philippines, but they have met while living in Japan and they have become friends. After several years spent in Japan, they have decided to work together and to launch a new car business towards their home countries.
They are looking for a serious partner that can help them provide their countries both with cars, trucks and with spare parts. RamaDBK has appeared immediately as a very good solution as RamaDBK is one of the very few companies that can provide any kind of vehicle, cars, trucks, or buses, but also spare parts at the same time.
Even if they are still brushing up their project, RamaDBK will do its best to help Mr Kim and Mr Raymond to achieve their goal so that they can import many cars and spare parts to their countries.

Public date: March 27th, 2012

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