Sri Lanka reduced the import taxes for used cars

Sri Lanka reduced the import taxes for used carsThe international market of used vehicles is deeply structured by the country regulations on car imports. While the needs for good quality used vehicles from Japan are huge in many countries, restrictive import regulations hinder the fulfillment of this demand.

Sri Lanka has just reduced import taxes by 50% for used cars. This prompted a sudden boom in the demand of Japanese vehicles. To satisfy this new demand, RamaDBK has purchased many units of the most popular vehicles on the Sri Lanka market to offer its customers, and the Singhalese language speaking staff of RamaDBK is doing its best to handle all the orders of Sri Lankan customers. Mr Ramanayake, president of RamaDBK Company, has taken the first flight to Sri Lanka in order to meet the customers and to make them offers that fit best with their needs. RamaDBK is committed to the mission of providing people all over the world with good quality Japanese used vehicles. Our company is supporting the free trade of used vehicles because it is beneficial to the people who can get the vehicles they need for their personal use or for their business.



Public date: June 2nd, 2010

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