New 2011 Nissan JUKE in Japan

A month after unveiling one of its newest models, Nissan announced that the upcoming 2011 Nissan JUKE has received almost 11,000 orders in its home country, Japan. It still has yet to be seen how the uniquely styled compact crossover will be in the United States, but here Japanese buyers have taken a liking to the new JUKE with initial order estimates of 10,940 eclipsing original expectations of just 1,300. The Nissan JUKE will be sold in Japan, Europe and the U.S.

New 2011 Nissan JUKE in JapanOne of the more promising aspects of this announcement is the fact that these don’t appear to be just hand raisers requesting information, it is genuine customers that have made specific orders. This has allowed Nissan to break down the demographics of its newest model, and the results are probably just as surprising as the amount of orders. Despite a styling that would seem to be targeting younger buyers, the largest age group for Japanese orders is the 50 to 59 demographic with 23 percent and the second most is the over 60 crowd represented 21 percent of all orders. In all, JUKE orders exceeded Nissan’s expectations eightfold with buyers 40 and over accounting for 63 percent so far.

New 2011 Nissan JUKE in JapanJudging by Nissan’s percentage breakdown, red is by far the most popular color in Japan with 29 percent of orders choosing the Radiant Red exterior color and 59 percent choosing the red interior. Options for U.S. models of the JUKE have yet to be released, but the sporty compact crossover will likely be available in similar colors as the Japanese model which include Pacific Blue, Meteorite Brown and, one of the more popular colors in the U.S., silver (Diamond Silver). The Japanese-spec Nissan JUKE is available in two trim levels, 15RS and 15RX, but the U.S.-spec trim levels should be similar to the current North American lineup with a base S and a more equipped SL model. Like the Nissan Cube and Nissan Rogue, the JUKE could also add a more customized look with a Krōm edition model.

Public date: July 10th, 2010
Categories: AUTOMOTIVE

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