Visit from Myanmar Businessman

The demand for used vehicles in the Myanmar automobile industry has gradually opened since last year. Myanmar as a country that imports vehicles has been isolated for many years due to strict import regulations. However, since 2011 the government of Myanmar changed its laws allowing used vehicles to be imported. As a consequence, we can see a vast demand from Myanmar to import vehicles not only from Japan but also from other Asian countries.

A group of three customers from Myanmar, led by Mr. Oo, came to Japan in search of quality vehicles. They presented themselves as businessman venturing into the used vehicle industry. One of their main objectives was to obtain value for money. In other words, they were searching for economically priced high quality vehicles to be imported from Japan.

Mr. Kaga, Senior Sales Coordinator from RamaDBK who has years of experience and knowledge of the South East Asian markets guided the guests from Myanmar. RamaDBK had the opportunity to show them one of our yards and the port of Yokohama. Mr. Oa and his associates got a hands on experience on vehicles that were ready to be shipped.

Once they were back at RamaDBK’s head office, they had a look at the Japanese online auctions systems where RamaDBK is authorized to view and purchase more than hundred thousands of vehicles for sale every day.

RamaDBK looks forward to assist Mr. Oo and his associates establish their own vehicle importing business in Myanmar. The promises for a fast growth vehicle market in Myanmar is high and RamaDBK is delighted to be there with Mr. Oo as he and his associates take their first steps into this new venture.

Public date: February 11th, 2012

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