Jamaica Import Regulations

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DocumentsInvoice, Import licence

Age Restrictions

Yes For Light Commercial Vehicles (Pick-ups, Panel/Window Vans, Trucks with seating capacity of 9-14, and unladen weight less than 3000 kg or 3 tones) - six (6) years
For Buses used for the transportation of passengers:
seating capacity 15-29 - twelve (12) years
seating capacity 30-44 - fourteen (14) years
seating capacity 45 & over - twenty (20) years
For Trucks used for the transportation of cargo:
3,000 - 4000 kg - fifteen (15) years
4001 - 8000 kg - fourteen (14) years
Over 8000 kg - twenty five (25) years
For other heavy duty commercial equipment - thirty (30) years
Please contact the Trade Board at 967-0507 or 967-0674 for further information on age limits and import licence for motor vehicle.

Shipping Port

The most recommended port for shipments arriving to Jamaica from Japan is Kingston.

Right-Hand Drive vehicles

Import of right-hand drive vehicle is allowed in Jamaica.

Documents Required To Import a Motor Vehicle or Motor Cycle

Import licence: Issued by the Trade Board Linited authorizing the importation of the motor vehicle or motor cycle.
Title: A document issued to the owner of the vehicle/cycle by the Government of the country where the vehicle was purchased.
Bill of Lading/Order: Obtained from the shipping agent with information about the particulars of the vehicle or cycle, the date it landed in the island and the port of entry.
Invoice: An invoice from the supplier is required for all motor vehicles or motor cycles.
Bill of Sight: This is a document on which details of the motor vehicle or motor cycles to be imported are recorded. It is prepared and signed by the broker and certified by Customs.
Tax Compliance (TCC): Obtained from Tax Administration Jamaica
Simplified Administrative Document (Sad): This is the electronic document on which all the particulars of the motor vehicle/cycle, the name of the importer, shipping information and the Customs duties are recorded. It is completed by the Customs Broker and submitted to Customs. Only a licensed Customs Broker should complete this form.
Motorcycles, Pick-up & Truck Cabs, Pick-up Beds: Motorcycles, Pick-up & Truck Cabs, Pick-up Beds

What is the method used for determining the value of motor vehicles?

Under the WTO Agreement, invoices are to be presented to Customs from which the value for duty will be derived.

Importation of Damaged Vehicles

The importation of motor vehicles that are considered to be in a damaged or salvaged state is PROHIBITED.

Individuals and Returning Residents

An individual or Returning Resident is allowed to import
  • One (1) motor car and one (1) light commercial vehicle or
  • Two (2) light commercial vehicles;
  • Or one (1) light commercial vehicle and a regular commercial vehicle
  • Individuals residing in Jamaica are allowed to access this facility once every three (3) years. Returning Residents, having accessed the facility within a particular current year would not be eligible to import vehicles in the capacity of an individual until three (3) years after the date of the importation as a Returning Resident.

Applicable to Returning Residents Only

All categories of motor vehicles: pick-ups, motor cars, trucks, trailers and other heavy duty equipment-Ten (10) years.

Who qualifies for concessions on motor vehicle importation?

Concessionary rates of duty on vehicles are usually given in special circumstances, for example, when the importer holds a job or position which entitles him to a concessionary rate of duty on the importation of a motor vehicle. People who qualify include farmers, senior teachers and government traveling officers.

Who grants these concessions?

The Ministry of Finance. Applications are submitted through the various government departments to the Ministry and the concession is granted after it is determined that the individual qualifies for such a concession.
Age limit for buses to be used in the transportation sector will be determined by the Ministry of Finance.
Note: Import Duty, Special Consumption tax and GCT is compounded, The processing fee and environmental levy is included in the aggregate Duty.

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