Grenada Import Regulations

Grenada Flag
Country Code+1
Time Difference-13 Hours (GMT-4)
PortSaint George's
Shipping Line---
CurrencyEastern Caribbean dollar
DocumentsInvoice, Insurance Certificate

Most Popular Vehicles in Grenada

Toyota Passo, Toyota Passo, Toyota Noah, Nissan Note, Toyota Rav 4, Honda Fit, Suzuki Swift, Honda CR-V, Subaru Legacy B4, Subaru Forester.

Shipping Ports

Ports for shipment of vehicle in Grenada are Saint George's and Grenville. No specific inspection is required on used vehicles imported in Grenada.

Right-Hand Drive Vehicles

Importation of vehicles with steering on right-hand side is allowed in Grenada.

Taxes and Duties on Used Vehicles

1.  Environmental Levy
  Used Vehicles (1-4 years old) - 2%
  Used Vehicles (over 5 years old) - 30%
  Used Trucks
  • 1-10 tons: 5%
  • 10-20 tons: 10%
  • Over 20 tons: 20%
2.  Customer Service Charge: - CSC of 5% is imposed on used vehicles imported into the country.
3.  Common External Tariff (CET) - It ranges from 5%- 40% depending upon the cost of insurance and freight value of vehicles imported.
4.  Value Added Tax (VAT)-The VAT as proposed provides for a standard rate of fifteen percent (15%).
5.  Environmental Levy- $2000, irrespective of age

Documents Required for Port Clearance

  • Commercial/ Purchase Invoice determining vehicle type, make, weight.
  • Bill Of Lading (BOL)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Import license
  • Value Declaration Form
  • Certificate of Title and Registration

Recommended Stock

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