Barbados Import Regulations

Barbados Flag
Country Code+1
Time Difference-13 Hours (GMT-4)
Shipping Line---
CurrencyBarbadian dollar
DocumentsInvoice, Insurance certificate

Most popular vehicles in Barbados

Nissan tida, Toyota hiace commuter, Nissan teana, Nissan blue bird, Suzuki swift, Nissan note, Corolla axio

Shipping Ports

Ports for shipment of vehicle in Barbados is Bridge town. No specific inspection is required on used vehicles imported in Barbados.

Year Restrictions

  • Following amendment of the regulations governing the importation of used or reconditioned cars, used or reconditioned cars could not be imported into Barbados if they were older than four (4) years and /or if they had an odometer reading over 50,000 kilometers (31,250 miles).
  • However importation by Returning Nationals of vehicles older than four (4) years or with odometer readings exceeding 50,000 km is allowed, provided the Returning National submits proof that he/she owned the vehicle for at least four (4) years prior to importation.
  • Where the vehicle has been owned by the Returning National for less than four (4) years it must conform to current regulations, i.e. it must be less than four (4) years old and have an odometer reading of less than 50,000 km.
  • However where the Returning National's vehicle does not qualify under the foregoing rules, the Returning National must obtain permission for the importation from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs prior to shipping that vehicle.
  • If client is a diplomat - No restrictions apply in this case, and the vehicle is free of all normally applicable import duties and taxes.

Right-Hand Drive Vehicles

Importation of vehicles with steering on right-hand side is allowed in Barbados.

Documents Required for Port Clearance

  • Commercial/ Purchase Invoice determining vehicle type, make, weight.
  • Bill Of Lading (BOL)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Import license
  • Value Declaration Form
  • Certificate of Title and Registration

Rates of Duty on Vehicles

  • Import duty 45% on all cars.
  • Excise tax (see below)
  • Value added tax 17.5%
  • Port FAS charge

Excise Tax on Vehicles

Commercial Invoice + Freight (cif) and duty liability = chargeable value
Schedule according to chargeable value - BDS$45,000.00 (USD$23,077.00)
Engine CCs Excise Tax % Under 45,000 Excise Tax % Over 45,000
1500 46.95% 64.35%
1501 - 1599 46.95% 93.73%
1600 - 1799 76.34% 93.73%
1800 - 2000 76.34% 120%
2001 - 3000 76.34% 120%
Over 3000 76.34% 120%

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