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Stock No. : D1012
Description : • 16amp Single Phase Allowing Charging UP TO 3.6 Kw • 5 Meter Long Lightweight AND Ultra Flexible – Easy TO Store AND Transport. • Long Lasting AND Reliable • IEC Certified • TUV Certified • CE Compliant • Ip44 Rated
FOB Price
58,700 JPY

TOYOTA ESTIMA HYBRID aircon compressor 

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Stock No. : D1021
Description : AIR Conditioner Compressor IS Used TO Remove THE Heat-laden Vapor Refrigerant From THE Evaporator OF THE AIR Conditioning Systems.
FOB Price
134,600 JPY


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Stock No. : D1018
Description : Fuel Injection IS A System FOR Introducing Fuel Into Internal Combustion Engines, AND Into Automotive Engines, IN Particular. ON Diesel Engines, Fuel Injection IS A Necessity, Whilst ON Petrol Engines Fuel Injection IS AN Alternative TO THE Carburetor.
FOB Price
57,900 JPY

EMS Elf NPR85-7030035

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Stock No. : SP3039
Part Number : ELF Npr85-7030035
Description : ELF Npr85-7030035 Door Pocket Ashtray 5
FOB Price
18,500 JPY

Axio floor mats (luxury type) 

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Stock No. : D1023
Description : Wavy Elegant Design Will Produce A Elegant Feet. CAR Name Logo Metal Name Specification. Moreover, IT IS Also Attractive HAS A Happy Five Functions OF Anti-virus Anti-allergen, Anti-bacterial AND Deodorant Mite
FOB Price
33,700 JPY

Door visors 

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Stock No. : D1011
Description : A Vent Visor IS A Low-cost, Attractive Car, Truck OR SUV Accessory That IS Super Easy TO Install AND Adds TO Your Vehicles Appearance AND Functionality AND Provides A Significant Number OF Advantages . . . Namely That YOU CAN Comfortably Drive With Your Vehicle Windows Open IN ALL Kinds OF Weather, Enjoying THE Benefits OF Fresh AIR Driving — Cooling Breezes, NO Need TO USE A/c, NO Window Fogging, Better GAS Mileage, Keeps YOU Awake AND Alert, Etc. Etc.
FOB Price
28,500 JPY

Toyota aqua LED accent illumination 

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Stock No. : D1030
Description : Light Emitted Emerald Green Through THE Perforated Metal IS, Sporty AND Advanced TO Produce A CAR OF Expression. IN Conjunction With THE Small Light Lights.
FOB Price
35,100 JPY

Mazda RX8 Clutch disc 

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Stock No. : D1019
Description : This IS A Clutch Disc That Manufactured TO Handle Engines With High Rpms, Such AS Direct Injection AND Diesel Engines. IT IS Equipped With High Performance
FOB Price
26,100 JPY

Mazda RX8 Clutch cover 

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Stock No. : D1020
Description : This IS AN Automotive Part That Both Allows AND Prevents THE Transmission OF Power From THE Engine TO THE Transmission.
FOB Price
20,900 JPY

toyota Land Cruiser Prado Front bumper protector 

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Stock No. : D1031
Description : Dress-up Items Emphasize THE Fearless. Material:-[body Part] Tsop [plating Garnish Part] Abs Configuration:-corner Sensor (voice 4 Sensor)attaching CAR Except
FOB Price
64,200 JPY
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