Satisfied customer from Trinidad sends a picture of him with his new car from RamaDBK.

Darren is a highly successful executive in a big logistics company in Trinidad and Tobago, in the south of the Caribbean. He had been looking for some time for a new SUV, but as he was not finding the right vehicle on the local market, he has decided to import the car from abroad. After checking dozens of units on a Japanese advertising website, Darren has found a beautiful brand new Mitsubishi Outlander offered by RamaDBK. He has contacted our sales representative, ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on April 25th, 2016
RamaDBK Golden Celebrations in Colombo.

RamaDBK held a special event, the RamaDBK Golden Celebrations, on April 1st in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to thank Sri Lankan customers who have supported our company in year 2015. As RamaDBK has exported nearly 3000 vehicles to Sri Lanka within one year, RamaDBK president, Mr Jagath Ramanayake wanted to organize a special event for Sri Lankan customers to show them how important they are for the company. More than 250 people were invited, and many customers have come with ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on April 22nd, 2016
Long time customer from Australia is coming back to RamaDBK.

Sam is a Sri Lankan national managing his own vehicle import company in Australia and in New Zealand. He is also running a workshop where he likes to tune some imported foreign sports cars. As a long time friend of Mr Jagath Ramanayake, CEO of RamaDBK company, he is visiting regularly RamaDBK office when he is coming in Japan. He has also purchased many units of Japanese cars from RamaDBK for the Australian market. From the end of this year, Australia is closing her ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on April 15th, 2016
Testimonial from a happy customer in Cayman islands.

Joel from Cayman Islands, in the Caribbeans, needed a new car for his family. He already knew about RamaDBK as many vans and buses used by the tourism industry in his country come from our company, very strong on the second-hand vehicle market in the Caribbeans. He sent an inquiry through RamaDBK website and he was contacted rapidly by our sales representative, Lahiru. A little more than one month later, Joel has received his new beautiful Toyota Belta in the port. Joel ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on April 8th, 2016
Happy customer from Mozambique sends thanks letter to RamaDBK.

Dennis is managing a transport company in Mozambique, offering commuting services around the capital city of Maputo. In order to expand his business, he was looking for some new buses for his fleet. As he has been using Toyota Coaster buses for many years already, Dennis knew about the quality of Japanese vehicles and he wanted to acquire some similar buses directly from Japan. After a few days of research on Internet, Dennis decided to contact RamaDBK company, a major ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on April 1st, 2016
Customer from Malaysia comes to RamaDBK in Japan to ask for parts.

Mr Thiruchelvan is living in South Malaysia, in the city of Johor, where he is managing a car workshop and a spare parts dealership. As Japanese cars are increasingly popular in Malaysia, the demand for spare parts is surging too. Whereas it is possible to source some cheap OEM parts from China, there is also a demand for some higher quality original Japanese parts. That is why Mr Thiruchelvan has decided  to come in Japan with the purchasing manager of his company, ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on March 23rd, 2016
Singapore businessman visits RamaDBK to import some passenger cars.

Mr Singh is a citizen of Singapore, a rich city-state archipelago, situated in the straight between Malaysia and Indonesia. Most Singaporean are of Chinese descent, but Mr Singh is a member of the local Indian business community. His company is importing and reselling spare parts and vehicles mainly from South-East Asia. As Japanese cars are increasingly popular in the country, there are new opportunities opening for importing vehicles and spare parts from Japan. That ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on March 18th, 2016
RamaDBK staff assists to the opening ceremony of the showroom of a customer in Horana, Sri Lanka.

Mr Navindra is the manager of RamaDBK working in Colombo who is maintaining the relations between our company and her customers in Sri Lanka. As a very good customer of RamaDBK has opened a new showroom recently in the town of Horana, a few dozen of kilometers east of Colombo, Mr Navindra has come to assist to the inauguration ceremony. Several prominent business people from the car trade industry in Sri Lanka were also present. Many beautiful brand new cars imported ...

Post in FEATURED on March 11th, 2016
RamaDBK sponsors newspaper pages for Sri Lanka Independence day.

Mr Jagath Ramanayake, CEO of RamaDBK ltd, is a prominent member of the Sri Lankan business community established in Japan. He has set up RamaDBK in year 1988, when he was still a student, and since then he has successfully grown the company to one of the largest exporters of second hand vehicles from Japan. Mr Ramanayake is supporting many initiatives to promote the commercial or cultural relations between both countries. This February, RamaDBK has sponsored pages ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on March 4th, 2016
RamaDBK CEO makes a presentation for students at Gregg International School.

RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, has made a presentation to the students of Gregg International College in Yokohama during the employment seminar of the school. Mr Jagath Ramanayake has come in Japan as a foreign student in the 1980s and he has set up his company while he was still a student. Since then, Mr Ramanayake is interested in supporting young foreign students and RamaDBK has offered, over the years, a first job opportunity to many foreign students in Japan. Mr ...

Post in FEATURED on February 26th, 2016
Interview of RamaDBK CEO in Sri Lanka Daily News.

The Sri Lanka Daily News has made an interview of RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, as a specialist of new and second hand vehicle trade. Mr Ramanayake has been exporting vehicles from Japan since year 1988 and RamaDBK is currently one of the main exporters of passenger cars to Sri Lanka. This time, the journalist from Sri Lanka Daily News asked Mr Ramanayake about the prospects of exporting second hand vehicles from Sri Lanka to other Right Hand Drive countries. Mr ...

Post in FEATURED on February 19th, 2016
RamaDBK CEO assists to commemoration ceremony of Sri Lanka Independence in Tokyo.

Mr Jagath Ramanayake, CEO of RamaDBK company assisted to the commemoration Ceremony for the 68th anniversary of the Independance of Sri Lanka has taken place on February 4th at the Kotani Hall of the Reiyukai temple in Tokyo. The ceremony was organized by the Sri Lankan embassy with the support of the Sri Lankan business community living in Japan. The singing of the National Anthem and the lightening of the traditional oil lamp were followed by several speeches, sent ...

Post in FEATURED on February 12th, 2016
Customer from Singapore visits RamaDBK office.

Mr Upula is a specialist of the food industry who had been working for many years in a trading company in Japan. In the last few years, he has moved to Singapore, but he is still coming regularly to Japan for business matters. As Mr Upula had heard a lot about RamaDBK within the Sri Lankan community in Japan, he was curious about the products and the service of our company. For that reason, he has decided to visit the headoffice of RamaDBK in Yokohama. He has met our ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on February 5th, 2016
RamaDBK CEO participates to employment seminar at Gregg International college.

Four Sri Lankan students from Gregg International College have come in RamaDBK office in Yokohama to thank our president, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, for participating to the employment seminar organized by their school. Gregg International College is a private international school of languages and liberal arts founded in 1964. Many foreign students, including some Sri Lankans,  attend lessons in the 3 campus of the college in Tokyo and in Yokohama where they prepare for ...

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