RamaDBK sponsors the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Anagarika Dharmapala.

RamaDBK CEO, Mr Ramanayake, has come from Sri Lanka and established his vehicle export company in the 1980s. Since then, he has been playing a prominent role in the Sri Lankan business community in Japan and he is supporting many events organized by Sri Lanka people in Japan. This month, RamaDBK is sponsoring the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Sri Lankan national hero Anagarika Dhamapala in Chiba prefecture, East of Tokyo. The event will take place in the ...

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Customer from Malawi visits RamaDBK to purchase trucks for his transportation business.

Albert has been living in Australia for several years but he is originally a citizen of Malawi, in the Great Lakes region in East Africa. Now, he has decided to go back to his mother land and to begin a transportation business on his own. To begin his new activity, Albert needed some cheap and reliable trucks. After much research, he has come to the conclusion that Japanese trucks would be the most suitable for Malawi. After checking on Internet, he has decided to fly ...

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Famous cricket champion from Sri Lanka comes to RamaDBK office in Japan.

Mr Roshan Mahanama is a retired cricket champion from the Sri Lanka national cricket team an he is now working as referee for cricket games. He has been holding a world record in cricket from the 1990s onwards, surpassed only in 2006. He is a celebrity in Sri Lanka and in other cricket playing countries. He has come in Japan for a few days with his wife and his daughters. On this occasion, he has come to RamaDBK headquarters to meet with RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake. ...

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Australian Automobile Association is opposing wider opening to second hand cars.

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and the automobile industry of Australia have declared their strong opposition to the opening of the local market to imported used vehicles, as advocated last month by the Productivity Commission. In 2013, the last 3 car manufacturers in Australia have announced their decision to close their plants by year 2017. At that date, no more new cars will be manufactured in Australia, and every new car on the market would have to ...

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RamaDBK CEO, Mr Ramanayake meets Strategic account customer from Sri Lanka in Tokyo.

Mr Thilanga is a highly successful businessman in Sri Lanka who is managing multiple different business activities. He is also importing a large number of Japanese vehicles in Sri Lanka. As he has come in Japan for a few days, RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, has come to meet him in his hotel in Tokyo. Mr Ramanayake has come with our purchasing manager, Mr Gayan Neelange, in order to provide the most up to date information about the current prices on the car market ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on June 19th, 2014
Manager from Tradecarview visits RamaDBK to offer new services.

RamaDBK is advertising her vehicle stock with several Internet companies, and Tradecarview is one of the most famous of them. Tradecarview is a particularly popular portal in East Africa, one of the main markets of RamaDBK. This week, Mr Yurimoto, manager at Tradecarview, has come to RamaDBK office in Yokohama in order to get feedback from our company about the use of their system, and also to offer some new services. Mr Yurimoto has met our sales manager, Mr Kaga, ...

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Director of USS Yokohama auctions site meets with CEO of RamaDBK Ltd.

RamaDBK is purchasing most of her vehicles in the Japanese professional vehicle auctions. Many different Auctions companies in Japan provide cheap and reliable vehicles. USS Auto Auction is one of the biggest auction site in Japan, with several facilities all over Japan. USS Co.,Ltd. also a big auction site in Yokohama, the city where RamaDBK headquarters is located. This week, Mr Akase, directing manager of USS Yokohama auctions site, has come to visit the CEO of RamaDBK, ...

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Customer from Tanzania is very satisfied of the Mitsubishi bus delivered by RamaDBK.

Mr Philbert is a long time customer from RamaDBK, he has already ordered several second-hand trucks and buses from our company. This week, he has just received his last Mitsubishi Aeromidi bus in Dar Es Salaam port. As he is very satisfied with the bus, he has sent us a picture of himself driving his new bus. When you receive a vehicle, don’t hesitate to take a picture and send it to us, it is a great encouragement for the whole team of RamaDBK.

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Customers from Australia come to RamaDBK  and ask for buses.

John and Johanna have just arrived from Australia and they have come directly from the airport to the office of RamaDBK in Yokohama. They live in a small town, a few hundred miles north of Sydney, where they are engaged in many activities in their community. They are involved in tourism, in education, in the local business association and they are also helping the Aborigines living in their city. There is one of the common point between all their activities, they need ...

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2000 units of the new Datsun GO sold in only 10 days.

Nissan has decided last year to revive the low-cost brand Datsun for the car markets in large developing as India, Indonesia, Russia or South Africa. Nissan is not losing time, the first Datsun GO hatchback have come out of the plant in India in March. The official sales reports shows that 2072 units have been sold already in the first 10 days since the launch of the new model. Nissan claims that the Datsun GO  is the most spacious car in its category on the local ...

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Manager from shipping company in Congo is visiting RamaDBK office.

Mr Mohammed is manager in a big shipping company in Democratic Republic of Congo. His company is regularly involved in the import of vehicles from Japan, and he wanted to understand better the trade of Japanese second end vehicles. As he was coming to Japan in the Japanese branch of the shipping company for his work, he wanted to get the opportunity to meet with used vehicle exporters.  In order to help him, the Japanese colleagues of Mr Mohammed have selected a prominent ...

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Manager of RamaDBK in Sri Lanka is visiting Japan.

Mr Navindra is manager at the antenna of RamaDBK in Sri Lanka. Since year 2009, he has been helping RamaDBK’s customers importing vehicles in Sri Lanka. He is managing the very important task of maintaining a high satisfaction level and long term relationship with our Sri Lankan customers. This week, for the first time in many years, he has come with his family to visit Japan. It was also an occasion for him to visit the headquarter of RamaDBK in Yokohama. All ...

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Doctors from Zambia visit RamaDBK and enquire for cars.

This week RamaDBK staff was surprised to receive the unexpected visit of a group of 7 doctors from Zambia. Our sales representative, Udana, has immediately taken care of them. The doctors have come to Japan for a week to take part to a medical conference and to a medical training seminar. While they were in Japan, they wanted to grasp the occasion to search Japanese products to bring back to their countries. As they were much interested in cars, the coordinator of the ...

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New staff in the Spare parts team, Milton from Cameroon.

RamaDBK is happy to welcome a new member in the Spare Parts team. As there are many requests for spare parts, there are now 3 specialists in RamaDBK’s spare parts department. Milton comes from Cameroon but he has been living in Japan for many years already. He has always been working in vehicle spare parts workshops or in spare parts trading companies, he knows very well about parts for Japanese vehicle. He can speak fluently English and French. Milton will be ...

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