Doctors from Zambia visit RamaDBK and enquire for cars.

This week RamaDBK staff was surprised to receive the unexpected visit of a group of 7 doctors from Zambia. Our sales representative, Udana, has immediately taken care of them. The doctors have come to Japan for a week to take part to a medical conference and to a medical training seminar. While they were in Japan, they wanted to grasp the occasion to search Japanese products to bring back to their countries. As they were much interested in cars, the coordinator of the ...

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New staff in the Spare parts team, Milton from Cameroon.

RamaDBK is happy to welcome a new member in the Spare Parts team. As there are many requests for spare parts, there are now 3 specialists in RamaDBK’s spare parts department. Milton comes from Cameroon but he has been living in Japan for many years already. He has always been working in vehicle spare parts workshops or in spare parts trading companies, he knows very well about parts for Japanese vehicle. He can speak fluently English and French. Milton will be ...

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Customer test drives Toyota Platz from RamaDBK and purchases it for his daughter.

Mr Kobayashi is a Japanese national living in the Philippines. His daughter has come back to Japan for her studies and she was in need of a small car for everyday life. After searching on Internet, she has showed interest for a cheap Toyota Platz available in the stock of RamaDBK. Our sales representative Mrs Kato has welcomed Mr Kobayashi and his daughter in our office in Yokohama, near Tokyo. After meeting and reviewing the specifications of the car, they have gone ...

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Car sales are getting better in Bangladesh after a difficult year in 2013.

Sales of reconditioned vehicles are slowly picking up in Bangladesh since the presidential elections last January after a difficult year in 2013. Nearly no car was sold between October and December 2013 while dealers had to keep their showrooms closed because of political unrest. Reconditioned vehicles account for 90% of all vehicles sold on the market in Bangladesh and 95% of those cars are imported from Japan. Mr Habib Dawn, president of the Bangladesh Reconditioned ...

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Official from Sri Lanka tax administration visits RamaDBK office.

Mr Aberathane is an official in Sri Lanka administration. He has come in Japan for several days for work, but on this occasion, he has decided to visit RamaDBK president, Mr Ramanayake, who is a very active member of the Sri Lankan business elite in Japan. Mr Aberathane has come to the company office in Yokohama and has met with the staff. He has witnessed how serious RamaDBK is for delivering the best service to customers from Sri Lanka or from any other country in ...

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Customer from Myanmar visits RamaDBK in order to choose some buses.

  Mr Kyaw is an importer of vehicles in Myanmar. He has already imported a bus from our company a few years ago, but now, he needs several more units for his company. This time, he has decided to come up to Japan to find some new buses to import. As he is very satisfied with the first bus he has acquired from RamaDBK, he has come to visit our office in Yokohama. Our specialist of Myanmar market, Mr Myint Swe, is doing is best to make the best offers for his customer. ...

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New perspectives opening for Japanese used cars on the Australian market.

The car market in Australia has been for a long time very restricted to foreign vehicles. But from last year the situation is changing rapidly and new opportunities for buying imported vehicles seem to be opening. The “Productivity Commission” has remitted a report to the federal government encouraging to remove the barriers and restrictions for importing used vehicles. The commission is claiming that opening the Australian market to imported vehicles would ...

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Japanese cars confirm their dominance as the most reliable vehicles in the world.

The Annual Auto Survey in America is one more time confirming the excellent reliability of Japanese vehicles, above manufacturers from Europe and USA. For more than 10 years, the Japanese brands have been on top of the ranking for vehicle security and reliability. This year also, Lexus (luxury brand of Toyota), Toyota and Acura (luxury brand of Honda) have been awarded the title of the most reliable vehicles. Mazda and Infiniti (luxury brand of Nissan) are also part ...

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Toyota is testing a cable-free electric car.

Charging the battery is one of the main burdens for electric vehicles. Japanese car manufacturers are actively looking for new ways to make it easier to charge the batteries. Toyota has designed a new system to recharge batteries just by parking the vehicle. This technology, called magnetic resonance doesn’t require any physical contact with the battery. The battery is automatically charging every time it is positioned over a charging coil fitted inside the road. Toyota ...

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Mitsubishi Motor will be manufacturing new models in India.

Mitsubishi Motors has been on the Indian market for many years already but the company is now rethinking her strategy of development in the country. While the former models manufactured in India have not been sold in large number, Mitsubishi Motor is planning to introduce 5 new models by year 2016. The new vehicles will be 2 small cars, a hatchback called Mirage and its sedan version, the Attrage. There will be also some new SUVs, one of which will be the new Outlander, ...

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Competition between foreign brands of vehicles gets fiercer in Myanmar as the market is expanding rapidly.

As of October 2013, there were 390,000 cars registered in Myanmar, around 50% more than in April 2012. This astounding increase of the number of vehicles has benefited mainly to Japanese brands, as 90% of the vehicles on the roads have been manufactured in Japan. Research company Frost&Sullivan is predicting an increase of 7% a year of the number of vehicles in Myanmar until year 2019, but the shape of the market is probably going to become very different. Since ...

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Prominent car dealer in Sri Lanka comes to RamaDBK

Mr Fernando is a prominent car dealer who owns his own showroom in Sri Lanka. He has also been purchasing dozens of units from RamaDBK over the past few years. He has been coming many times already in Japan, to meet with his partners, to check vehicles or to purchase some new units for his customers and for his own stock. This time, he has come with his young son in Japan for several days. The teenager was very excited and enjoyed very much his stay in Japan. Our sales ...

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Customer from Myanmar visits RamaDBK HQ in Yokohama.

Mr Lin Tun is a prominent importer of Japanese vehicles in Myanmar, where he has grown a car business during the last few years after the new regulations opened the local market. This week, he has come for the time to Japan in order to look for some new business opportunities and to understand better the import process from the first phase when the vehicle is purchased in Japan to the shipment. Mr Tun has been in contact for several months already with our specialist ...

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Japan Car exports soar  with weaker Japanese yen.

Japan’s car exports have risen for the ninth consecutive month in November owing to the weaker value of the Japanese yen against other currencies. The volume of cars shipped to China, with 185% growth on one year and to USA, with 13.2% on one year, are the most remarkable, second-hand vehicle export benefit also from the lower exchange rate. Altogether, the Japanese yen has become 16% cheaper against the US dollar in 2013. Customer’s must recognize this unique ...

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