Partner from Sri Lanka visits RamaDBK for preparing new projects.

Mr Athukorala has set up a company specialized in the financing of commercial vehicles, trucks and three wheelers in Elpitiya, a small town South of the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. He is a friend of RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, and he has been in business with RamaDBK for more than 10 years already. Mr Athukorala is now considering to expand his business by importing high quality commercial vehicles from Japan. He has then decided to come to Japan to visit ...

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Customer from Mauritius meets RamaDBK coordinator in Yokohama.

Praveen comes from Mauritius, a small and beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, a few hundred kilometers East of Madagascar. As an agent of the customs administration, he has always been surprised by the large number of Japanese second-hand vehicles in great condition imported every year in his country. After arriving in Japan for a one week holiday, he has decided to use this opportunity to check if he could import a car for himself. He has searched the names of the ...

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Customer from Congo thanks RamaDBK for his new truck.

Jules is living in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where he is engaged in several businesses, as construction. He is also importing from time to time some vehicles from Japan for his personal use or for friends. This time, he was looking for a rather recent Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter 4 tons dump truck for a construction project. Jules has searched on several Japanese websites advertising second hand vehicles and after a while he has finally found the ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on September 9th, 2016
Customer from Tanzania receives his new Toyota Revo.

Chris is a very successful business person in Tanzania, working on many high value projects simultaneously. He had been looking for a great and strong car that he would drive both in town and also on the countryside, in wild places where there are not even roads. As he could not find the right vehicle on the local market in Tanzania, he has decided to source the car directly from abroad. As a friend has recommended him RamaDBK, a major exporter of new and used vehicles ...

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Long time customer from Sri Lanka visits RamaDBK CEO.

Mr Chamal has been a customer of RamaDBK for many years, he has been importing a huge number of vehicles in Sri Lanka, including also some buses. He is very satisfied with the quality of service of RamaDBK and is perfectly confident in our company. As a long time client, he is visiting RamaDBK head office every few years to meet RamaDBK president, Mr Jagath Ramanayake. Mr. Chamal has checked a large number of vehicles with RamaDBK purchasing manager, Mr Gayan, in order ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on August 27th, 2016
Rama Group organizes the visit of a Sri Lankan couple in Japan.

Mr and Mme Fernando have been close friends to RamaDBK president, Mr Ramanayake, for over 30 years. They have come in Japan several times in the past and they share a deep interest in Japanese traditional culture. This time, they have requested to Rama Group to organize their trip around the country. Mr Yagi, the representative of Rama Group, who has several decades of experience in the tourism industry, has devised a very good travel plan for them, reserving transports ...

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Partner from vanning company meets with RamaDBK CEO.

Mr Perera is managing a company preparing vehicles for shipment in the East of Tokyo. RamaDBK is regularly delivering him some cars, some trucks and some machineries to put in container before shipment. The team of Mr Perera is also expert in dismantling vehicles, disassembling or cutting large trucks and then making everything fit in a container, while it seemed impossible at first sight to make a vehicle that big enter in a so small box. As a long time partner of ...

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Car dealer from Sri Lanka meets RamaDBK president in Yokohama.

Ruwan is a vehicle dealer in Sri Lanka. He has been a friend of RamaDBK president, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, for years and he is regularly purchasing passenger cars from RamaDBK. He has decided to visit RamaDBK head office in Yokohama in order to get the latest updates about the Japanese hybrid vehicles and about the prices of the new vehicles on the Japanese market. During his stay, Ruwan had the occasion to visit auction sites in Tokyo area with one of our sales representative ...

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Returning customer from Uganda visits RamaDBK in Yokohama.

Hassan is a successful vehicle importer in Uganda, managing his own dealership and his own workshop near Kampala, the capital of the country. A long time customer, he has recently purchased 4 passenger cars from RamaDBK. He is also very satisfied with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado that he has got for himself from our company. Now, Hassan wants to expand his business to new areas, as the import of trucks and machineries. In order to achieve his plans, he has decided ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on July 22nd, 2016
Sri Lankan customer stays in RamaDBK for several days.

Mr Fernando is an old friend of RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake. He has come in Japan for a week and he has stayed several days in a row in RamaDBK office in Yokohama. He is also a long time customer of RamaDBK company. He has already purchased several vehicles from our company in the past, and he is confident that the quality of the vehicles of RamaDBK is very good while prices are very reasonable. RamaDBK is a major exporter of vehicles to Sri Lanka, delivering ...

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Manager of a driving school and a car dealerships comes to RamaDBK in Japan.

Mr Nishantha is managing a popular car dealership and also a driving school near Colombo in Sri Lanka. He has been purchasing some brand new hybrid cars from RamaDBK for several years already but he hasn’t had any occasion to come to Japan until this year. This month, Mr Nishantha has come in Tokyo to meet RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake. Our purchasing manager, Gayan, has explained him how the professional vehicle auction system is working and he has accompanied ...

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Customer from Philippines asking RamaDBK for machineries.

Mr Jamon is the owner and the president of a large size company in the Philippines. While his company is already very successful, he is now considering to expand his business to other activities, as construction. In order to begin in construction, he will need some small machineries and some trucks, and the most popular models of those machines in the Philippines are imported from Japan. Searching for a Japanese partner for his project, Jamon has checked several companies ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on June 30th, 2016
Chinese customer visits RamaDKB to expand his business in Africa.

The tremendous development of Chinese investment and of Chinese businesses in Africa has been reported many times over the years. John is one of those Chinese businessmen who has begun from scrap to build a large company with branches in several African countries. John has begun his business in Africa by exporting electronic components and devices. While he was in Africa, he could also see how popular Japanese vehicles are in most countries in East Africa. Searching ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on June 24th, 2016
Customers from Singapore ask RamaDBK for brand new cars.

Mr Dong is managing a thriving spare parts and vehicle repair shop in Singapore, a small but very rich island country in South East Asia. Now, he wants to expand his business to the import of foreign brand new vehicles, the Japanese cars being the most popular models in his country. Mr Dong and his colleague have come from Singapore for a week to find a new partner in Japan. As RamaDBK company has a very good reputation as an exporter of brand new vehicles in South ...

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