New model of Suzuki Swift coming on sale in Japan.

The long awaited new Suzuki Swift is going on sale in Japan since the beginning of January 2017. The new model will be offered under 6 different variants on the Japanese market, several of them being hybrid vehicles. The most remarkable changes on the new face are the hexagonal honeycomb pattern front grille and the large front bumper with fog lamps on the side. The Japanese model will have a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder Boosterjet engine. Among other changes, the year 2017 ...

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Customer from Malaysia purchases an ambulance after visiting RamaDBK.

Mr. Tang is a businessman of Chinese descent living in Malaysia. He has been involved in the vehicle B to B business for many years and he has many contact with local companies and municipalities in his country. He needed to import high quality vehicles for professional use from Japan as special purpose trucks, vans or ambulances, but he had difficulties to find the right partner. Most Japanese sellers are offering cheap passenger cars but very few have technical knowledge ...

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Transport company manager from Tanzania happy with his new bus from RamaDBK.

Elie is the manager of a transport company near Dodoma, the new capital of Tanzania. As his business is doing very well, he has decided to increase his fleet of vehicle with a new Japanese middle size bus, the perfect type of bus for transportation of people between distant cities. Elie knew perfectly about what kind of bus he wanted for his company, so he has contacted a famous Japanese exporter that has delivered many buses in Tanzania, RamaDBK ltd. He has sent an ...

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RamaDBK CEO participates to end of year party of SLAEAJ.

RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, is one of the founding members of the Sri Lanka Automobile Exporter Association in Japan (SLAEAJ) and also a prominent personality in the Sri Lankan business community in Japan. He is participating to all major events of the association during the year. This winter, Mr Ramanayake has taken part to the end of year party of the SLAEAJ. The members of the SLAEAJ have exchanged  information about the trends of the car market on the main ...

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Customer from Hong Kong visits RamaDBK.

Mr Wong is a citizen of Hong Kong, a populous city in the South of China, where traffic congestion is such that nearly all buses and tramways are double deckers. He loves sports cars and he dreams of setting a company to import his preferred Japanese sports models, like he Nissan GTR for instance, in his country. Mr Wong has been in relation with a Japanese person for a long time who has introduced him to a major exporter of vehicles, RamaDBK company. Mr Wong has come ...

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Customer from Sri Lanka purchases a SUV while visiting RamaDBK head office.

Kasun is working in the infrastructure administration at Bandaranayake International Airport in Sri Lanka. This month, he had the opportunity to come to Japan to assist to a workshop and a seminar about Airport Management in Tokyo, at Haneda Airport. After the seminar, Kasun had scheduled a visit to a famous vehicle import company located not far away from the airport, RamaDBK company. He had heard about RamaDBK before coming in Japan as RamaDBK president, Mr Jagath ...

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Customers from Chile come in RamaDBK in Yokohama.

Sebastian and Joaquin are managing an import cars shop in the suburbs or Santiago, the capital of Chile in South America. They like particularly Japanese sport cars as the Subaru Impreza or the Nissan GTR, that are very popular with young men in their country. This year, they have decided to come to Japan to see more cars and eventually to purchase a few units to ship by container to Iquique port in Chile.  They also wanted to get a few spare parts to bring back in ...

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Customer from Zambia sends a picture of his new bus from RamaDBK.

Cosimo is the owner of a thriving transport company in the mineral-rich region of Copperbelt in Zambia. He has already imported several buses from RamaDBK in the past but he needed to renew his fleet this year in order to further expand his business. Mitsubishi Rosa, a very reliable vehicle but cheaper than Toyota Coaster, is the model he prefers for his company. Cosimo has contacted his sales representative, Mr Amila Rodrigo, who has immediately sent him a large choice ...

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Famous University professor and researcher visits RamaDBK CEO.

RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, has created his company while he was still a student at the University of Yokohama, in year 1988. Since then, RamaDBK has grown and has become a major exporter of used and new vehicles from Japan. Mr Ramanayake is also a prominent member of the Sri Lankan business community in Japan and he is involved in several professional associations in Japan and in Sri Lanka.  Journalists or students from Japan or from Sri Lanka visit RamaDBK ...

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RamaDBK thanked for sponsoring and participating to the Sri Lanka festival in Tokyo.

The Sri Lanka festival has taken place in Tokyo at Symbol Promenade Park at the end of September. The festival is the main event organized by the Sri Lankan community in Japan each year to promote cultural and commercial relations between Sri Lanka and Japan, with artistic performances, food stands and booths for tourism companies or associations. As a prominent member of the Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan, RamaDBK president, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, is always giving ...

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New Toyota C-HR SUV arriving in RamaDBK at the end of year 2016.

As always, RamaDBK wants to be the first exporter to offer the newest Japanese models to customers all over the world. The hot product for the end of year 2016 is the long awaited new Toyota hybrid SUV, the C-HR. Toyota is launching a promising new hybrid SUV called the C-HR at the end of year 2016. C-HR stands for Coupe-High Rider. The new car, which is the first compact hybrid SUV from Toyota, has made a strong impression with its sharp design when it was shown ...

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Customers from Chile visit RamaDBK during their vacations in Japan.

Diego and his wife Cristina have come from Chile to Japan for a week of vacations. As they were visiting Tokyo area, they were surprised by the large number and the extremely good condition of Japanese vehicles in the streets. Back in their hotel, they have used the internet connection in their room to search a car company known for her excellent communication ability with foreign customers. They have found the website and the address of RamaDBK ltd, a major vehicle ...

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Customers from New Zealand send a picture and a nice message to their sales representative in Rama DBK.

Mike is a professor of mathematics in University and his wife, Nuu, is a member of the parliament in New Zealand. Mike had a pleasant experience with Lowell and Rama DBK, and had sent a nice message to recommend Lowell to customers all over the world who would like to import a high quality car in a perfectly secure way. Mike and Nuu, in their own words: “Hi, we are Nuu and Mike, I want to write this reference for Lowell Ratnayake and Rama DBK Limited, We ...

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RamaDBK participates to the organization of Cricket match for Sri Lankan exporters.

RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, a prominent member of the Sri Lankan business community in Japan, is one of the founding members Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association in Japan (SLAEAJ), an association dedicated to the support and promotion of vehicle exports towards Sri Lanka. As every year, the SLAEAJ has organized a friendly cricket competition between Sri Lankan cricket clubs in Japan. This year, the friendly match has taken place in Sano city, Tochigi prefecture, ...

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