Customer from Bangladesh satisfied with his truck from RamaDBK.

Mr Monir is working in the construction industry in Bangladesh. As he needs to move some large quantities of sand and earth, he was looking for some large dump trucks but he was not finding trucks in good enough condition on the local market. Mr Monir likes strong and reliable trucks, his preferred brand is Hino, a truck company belonging to Toyota group. While checking exporters specialized in trucks and professional vehicles, Mr Monir has found RamaDBK website. He ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on March 24th, 2017
RamaDBK team visits RORO ship in Yokohama.

RamaDBK is exporting several thousands of vehicles all over the world every year, sometimes by container, but most often on the deck of some ships specialized in the transportation of vehicles, called RORO vessels. RORO stands for “roll-on, roll off”, it means that the vehicles are driven from the wharf to the deck of the vessel and that they are parked inside the boat until delivery in another port. Last week, the shipping company K-Line invited several ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on March 17th, 2017
Satisfied customer sends a picture to RamaDBK.

John is the manager of a very successful security consulting company in Trinidad, a large island in the South of the Caribbean. He has been importing several vehicles from RamaDBK over the last year and he has always been very satisfied by the quality of the vehicles from RamaDBK and by the outstanding service of his sales representative, Amila Rodrigo. Last time, the sales representative has sent to John a RamaDBK mouse pad as a small gift, with the documents of his ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on March 11th, 2017
Customer from Kenya very satisfied with his new van from RamaDBK.

Boniface is loving motor vehicles since early childhood. Now, at his early thirties, he is the owner of a very successful medium size car dealership in the center of Kenya near Nairobi. He is importing vehicles on order for his customers or else he is reselling his own stock of popular Japanese cars in his city. Boniface was looking for a very good Toyota Hiace van but he was not finding the right vehicle on the Japanese advertising websites. He has contacted several ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on March 3rd, 2017
Happy customers wearing RamaDBK polo shirt.

RamaDBK has sent some polo shirts at the name of the company to some customers who have purchased several vehicles in order to express our gratitude for their confidence in RamaDBK. The polo shirts have been produced in a limited number and the current stock as already been sent. Yet, as many customers have sent us pictures of themselves wearing the polo shirt, RamaDBK will have more produced in order to deliver them to more customers. Customer satisfaction is the priority ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on February 24th, 2017
New Honda Civic to be sold in Japan in year 2017.

The new model of Honda Civic year 2017 will finally be sold in Japan this year. The Honda Civic will be offered in several different versions, sedan, hatchback and a sports car called type R. This model will be the 10th generation of the Honda Civic, a very popular model that has been granted the title of “car of the year” in the USA in 2016. Whereas the 9th generation of the Civic was not sold in Japan and had been designed for the European and the North American ...

Post in AUTOMOTIVE on February 22nd, 2017
RamaDBK CEO speaks about Sri Lanka market at JUMVEA seminar.

The Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) is the only official association of the exporters of vehicles from Japan, accepting as members only serious companies that are never making troubles and that are working to keep the good reputation of the Japanese export business. RamaDBK has been a member of the JUMVEA for many years and RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, is one of the directors of the association. The JUMVEA is regularly organizing events ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on February 18th, 2017
Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Wagon R Stingray new model 2017.

The New Suzuki Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray have just been launched in Japan. The next generation Suzuki Wagon R is based on a new “heartect” platform, and the style of the body has also been changed also. The different models can be recognized by the design of the front of the vehicle: The front bumper and the 2 parts front grille of the Suzuki Wagon R gasoline engine and hybrid are slightly different, with also a chrome bar across the grille of the hybrid ...

Post in AUTOMOTIVE on February 10th, 2017
Family of customer of Sri Lanka visits RamaDBK.

RamaDBK has thousands of customers in Sri Lanka, both professionals in the car business and individuals who need to import a vehicle for their personal use. Most professional customers have been purchasing a large number of vehicles over many years as they have full confidence in the quality of service of RamaDBK. Last week, RamaDBK has received the visit of the sister of a very good Sri Lankan customer. She had come to Japan with her family for a short time, and she ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on February 10th, 2017
Japanese family purchases Nissan Leaf from RamaDBK.

RamaDBK is not only exporting vehicles all over the world, but it is also selling on the Japanese domestic market. Our sales representatives for the Japanese market, Mrs Kato and Mr Kawai, are advertising RamaDBK vehicles on specialized BtoB and BtoC platforms on the Internet and they are taking care of Japanese customers. RamaDBK offers a large choice of passenger cars, trucks and buses, that can be sold on the Japanese market. One week ago, Mr Suzuki, living in Odawara, ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on February 7th, 2017
New Toyota Vitz Hybrid now on sale in Japan.

RamaDBK is proud to offer the best Japanese models of hybrid and electric cars to her customers, as the import taxes are cheaper in many countries for those environmentally friendly vehicles. The new Toyota  Vitz Hybrid has been put on sale on January 12th through the official network of Toyota dealers in Japan. Consumers and car professional are enthusiastic, as the Vitz is a very popular model, not only in Japan but also abroad: indeed, no less than 7 millions units ...

Post in AUTOMOTIVE on February 7th, 2017
New shape Toyota Coaster on sale in Japan from January 23rd 2017.

The Toyota Coaster is a very famous Toyota vehicle that can be found on all continents. Since the first model manufactured in year 1963, Toyota has sold more than 550,000 Toyota Coaster buses in 110 countries. For the first time in 24 years, since year 1993,Toyota is introducing a new model of Coaster bus on the market. The shape of the new model is quite different from that of the ancient model. The door and the windows are larger in order to offer more comfort to ...

Post in AUTOMOTIVE on January 26th, 2017
New model of Suzuki Swift coming on sale in Japan.

The long awaited new Suzuki Swift is going on sale in Japan since the beginning of January 2017. The new model will be offered under 6 different variants on the Japanese market, several of them being hybrid vehicles. The most remarkable changes on the new face are the hexagonal honeycomb pattern front grille and the large front bumper with fog lamps on the side. The Japanese model will have a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder Boosterjet engine. Among other changes, the year 2017 ...

Post in AUTOMOTIVE on January 19th, 2017
Customer from Malaysia purchases an ambulance after visiting RamaDBK.

Mr. Tang is a businessman of Chinese descent living in Malaysia. He has been involved in the vehicle B to B business for many years and he has many contact with local companies and municipalities in his country. He needed to import high quality vehicles for professional use from Japan as special purpose trucks, vans or ambulances, but he had difficulties to find the right partner. Most Japanese sellers are offering cheap passenger cars but very few have technical knowledge ...

Post in RAMADBK NEWS on January 13th, 2017
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