RamaDBK CEO assists to commemoration ceremony of Sri Lanka Independence in Tokyo.

Mr Jagath Ramanayake, CEO of RamaDBK company assisted to the commemoration Ceremony for the 68th anniversary of the Independance of Sri Lanka has taken place on February 4th at the Kotani Hall of the Reiyukai temple in Tokyo. The ceremony was organized by the Sri Lankan embassy with the support of the Sri Lankan business community living in Japan. The singing of the National Anthem and the lightening of the traditional oil lamp were followed by several speeches, sent ...

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Customer from Singapore visits RamaDBK office.

Mr Upula is a specialist of the food industry who had been working for many years in a trading company in Japan. In the last few years, he has moved to Singapore, but he is still coming regularly to Japan for business matters. As Mr Upula had heard a lot about RamaDBK within the Sri Lankan community in Japan, he was curious about the products and the service of our company. For that reason, he has decided to visit the headoffice of RamaDBK in Yokohama. He has met our ...

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RamaDBK CEO participates to employment seminar at Gregg International college.

Four Sri Lankan students from Gregg International College have come in RamaDBK office in Yokohama to thank our president, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, for participating to the employment seminar organized by their school. Gregg International College is a private international school of languages and liberal arts founded in 1964. Many foreign students, including some Sri Lankans,  attend lessons in the 3 campus of the college in Tokyo and in Yokohama where they prepare for ...

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Renewal of RamaDBK head office in Yokohama.

RamaDBK has been exporting vehicles since year 1988. As a highly successful company, RamaDBK owns her own building in Yokohama, already quite famous in our district of Shinkoyasu. To take a new start this year, RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, has decided to arrange a complete renewal of the interior of the office. The renewal work has been done the first week of January. The color of the carpet and of the chairs has changed from blue to orange. Some larger cupboards ...

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RamaDBK CEO takes part to the new year meeting of the JUMVEA.

The JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) is the only official organization of vehicle exporters recognized by the Japanese government. As it is protecting the reputation of Japan as a reliable source for importing high quality vehicles, the JUMVEA is accepting as members only serious companies that have never had any major problem with customers abroad. RamaDBK has been a member of JUMVEA for many years and RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, was also ...

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Sri Lankan customer visits RamaDBK to study new business opportunities.

Mr Bandara , a Sri Lankan business person, was surprised to see so many imported vehicles in Sri Lanka over the last few years. That’s why he has decided to check by himself if it would also be possible for him to source some vehicles from Japan. As he didn’t know much about Japan, he has asked his friend for advice. This Sri Lankan friend had been living in Japan for many years already and  he knows personally RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake. Mr Bandara ...

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Customer from Ghana visits RamaDBK to purchase a concrete pump truck.

Mr Quincy is a citizen from Ghana, a quickly developing small country in West Africa. He is currently working for a foreign company in Japan, and he is using his spare time to search around for some new business opportunities on behalf of his friends in Africa. One of the good friends of Mr Quincy is managing a small construction company and is looking for a concrete pump truck. That kind of trucks is quite rare, generally expensive, and requires to make some research ...

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Customers from Cambodia come to RamaDBK.

Cambodia is a small country that has been lagging behind other South East Asian countries because of a long civil war during the end of the last century. The needs for infrastructure are huge, and the competition between local construction companies is fierce. Mr Phan is the boss of a middle size construction company in Phnom Penh area, the capital city of Cambodia. He has come with several of his colleagues to visit some vehicle exporters in Japan in order to source ...

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RamaDBK organizes a Sri Lankan dinner for VIAL members in Yokohama office.

As the vehicle importers of the VIAL (Vehicle Importers’ Association of Lanka) were returning to Sri Lanka the next day, RamaDBK president, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, has invited them to a dinner in the premises of RamaDBK company in Yokohama. After a whole week of business meetings and visits in Japan, it was an occasion for the group to meet one more time, to enjoy the party and to exchange more ideas. This time, some family members of the importers have also joined ...

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RamaDBK CEO makes welcome speech at SLAEAJ conference in Yokohama.

RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, is the president of the SLAEAJ (Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association in Japan), the professional association supporting the main Japanese exporters of vehicles to Sri Lanka. On November 6th, the SLAEAJ has organized a business conference at the Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel for the delegation of vehicle importers from Sri Lanka, members of the VIAL (Vehicle Importers Association Lanka). On this occasion, some delegates from vehicle ...

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Dinner of members of Sri Lankan business in the automobile sector from Japan and from Sri Lanka.

The trade of vehicles to Sri Lanka presents 2 sides: some exporters in Japan, most of them of Ceylonese origin, are selling and shipping to importers in Sri Lanka. The SLAEAJ (Sri Lankan Exporters Association in Japan) is the main association of Sri Lankan business people in the automotive sector in Japan, organizing several events every year. On the other side, the VIASL (Vehicle Importer Association Sri Lanka) is the main group of business people in the car industry ...

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Group of Sri Lankan businessmen come to Tokyo Motor Show and visit RamaDBK.

RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, has been working for years on both strengthening the commercial relationships between Sri Lanka and Japan and developing the Sri Lankan business community in Japan. Every year in November, he is organizing a visit of the Tokyo Motor Show for major Sri Lankan vehicle importers coming in Japan specially on this occasion. This year, nearly 100 vehicle dealers and importers from Sri Lanka have come for a few days visit in Japan. The Tokyo ...

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Customers from Philippines meet with RamaDBK spare parts specialist.

Ronnie from Philippines has come last week to RamaDBK office in Yokohama with several members of his family. He has been managing a repair workshop in the main island of the Philippines for many years already, but now he wants to expand his business to new areas, as the sale of vehicle spare parts. Even if only left hand drive vehicles can be driven in the Philippines, most cars used in the country are vehicles manufactured in Japan, and then imported and converted. ...

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Happy customer sends a picture of his family with his new truck from RamaDBK.

Alberto and his family are involved in several activities ranging from agriculture to construction on the countryside near the city of Tete, north of Mozambique. He had been looking for some time for his own truck to transport the goods from his businesses, but it was difficult for him to find the right vehicle, cheap and yet in good condition. Then, on the advice of a friend, Alberto has discovered that he could import a vehicle directly from Japan. After some research ...

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