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It is either compulsory or else recommended to do a pre-shipment inspection before exporting vehicles to some countries. In that case, the administration of the country has chosen an inspection company that is responsible for maintaining a standard of quality for the vehicles that can enter in the country. Representatives from one those inspection companies, [...]
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Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Buses company (MFTBC) has put on sale the new model of its Aero Star city bus on October 10th 2017. The Aero Star bus exists in 2 different versions: a non-step 78 passenger (seated and standing) one with 2 doors on the front and in the middle of the bus, and [...]
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Toyota announced that it will present a new concept model SUV during the Tokyo Motor Show, on October 25th 2017. The new model is called the “TJ Cruiser”: T would stand for “toolbox” and J for “Joy”. This cross over SUV is described by Toyota as a fusion of a SUV and a van, to [...]
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RamaDBK CEO, Mr Jagath Ramanayake, is also the president of the SLAEAJ (Sri Lanka Automobile Exporter Association in Japan), the business association supporting vehicle exporters of Sri Lankan nationality living in Japan. The SLAEAJ has organized a workshop at the Marriott hotel in the center of Tokyo on September 30th. Representatives of several vehicle inspection [...]
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Derek is the owner of a first class taxi transport company specialized in airport pickups, weddings and island tours in Bermuda, a beautiful island in the Caribbean with a strong tourism industry. As his company is growing, Derek needed some new high quality vehicles to increase his fleet. He likes particularly Toyota vans because they [...]
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